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Oak Floors

Oak flooring is our passion at Cottage Oak, whether you're after character grade solid oak flooring, engineered oak flooring or the finest prime grade oak boards. From the truly rustic to the exquisite elegant prime these oak floor boards area perfect compliment to traditional decor or a contemporary modern look.

Solid Oak Flooring

Our solid oak flooring is all European oak and comes in different grades. The grades vary in the number of knots, cracks and the figuring they contain, but all share the same high quality precision machining.

All flooring comes with stress grooves on the underside for stability, tongue and grooves, end matched and in lengths of 2 to 3 metres long.

Which type of floor would suit me best?

Where to lay solid oak flooring

Solid oak flooring is susceptible to movement caused by changing humidity in the atmosphere. This means it should not be used in areas where the humidity is high or likely to vary like kitchens and bathrooms.

Where to use engineered flooring

Engineered oak flooring is more stable than traditional solid oak flooring and this means it is more suitable for fitting over under floor heating, in areas of humidity changes such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered oak flooring is a 6mm solid oak floor board bonded to a strong, stable, tongue and groove plywood base. Once laid it is impossible to tell the difference between a solid and an engineered floor. The floors are available in various widths and grades and are 21mm thick.

Engineered floor boards are recommended for use with underfloor heating systems and areas of high moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens due to their stability properties.

Barn Oak

This solid oak floor is characterised by a higher number of knots, odd holes, shakes, cracks colour variation and burrs.

It is the perfect choice for an authentic rustic look, for example in a barn conversion. These boards will require filling, sanding and finishing after installation and are supplied tongue and grooved, end matched, with stress grooves on the under-side for stability

Barn oak floor in situ
Barn Oak Floor

Sizes & Prices


Widths available from 120mm to 200mm

Prices from £28.50 + VAT per metre2


Widths available from 140mm to 220mm

Prices from £32.00 + VAT per metre2

Character Grade

Our character grade oak is our most popular grade.

A mix of crown and quarter sawn floorboards, with some colour variations and large knots are selected for the grade.

The floor is full of warmth and perfectly suited in a traditional and country style interior.

Character grade oak
Character Oak Floor

Sizes & Prices


Widths available from 120mm to 220mm

Prices from £30 + VAT per metre2


Widths available from 140mm to 260mm

Prices from £36 + VAT per metre2

Prime Oak

Essentially knot free , this is truly one of the finest oak floors available.

It is a very clean full of natural honeyed tones , suitable for formal and minimal interiors.

The maximum allowance of knots is one sound knot of 13mm in diameter per board or three pin hole knots per board, however almost all of your floor will be defect free.

Prime Oak Floor

Sizes & Prices


Widths available from 120mm to 200mm

Prices from £35 + VAT per metre2


Widths available from 140mm to 2260mm

Prices from £39 + VAT per metre2

Distressed Oak

This distressed, brushed and burnt look is very distinctive, showing random medium burnt surfaces to a rich golden brown tone which gives the unique look of an aged wood floor.

It can be created using barn, character or prime grade flooring, which is distressed and brushed to raise the grain. This helps define the black grain and provides a great contrast in colour .

This floor will give added impact to any room.

Distressed Oak Floor

Sizes & Prices

any grade or width

Prices + £8 per metre2

Legere Overlay

A non-structural real wood floor, cut from a single piece of timber 14mm thick.

It is made using our quality character grade flooring, and is just thick enough to provide stable flooring yet thin enough to replace a carpet and underlay combination, losing as little height as possible.

This floor suitable for fitting over plywood or chipboard flooring, but is not suitable for fitting over underfloor heating.


Sizes & Prices

Width: 160mm

Depth: 14mm

Prices from £30 + VAT per metre2

Floor fitting Service

We can offer you a quality professional fitting service at a very competitive rate. We take pride in our work and in your property, so you can relax knowing that the work will be carried out to high standard.

  • how many doorways are there?
  • is there skirting to be fitted?
  • is the floor to be glued
  • is it faced fixed or secret nailed?
  • how many m2 of flooring is required
  • is the floor to be glued
  • is it faced fixed or secret nailed?

As a guide based on 20m2 of flooring, secret nailed, lightly sanded with 2 coats of hard wax oil would cost approximately £30m2

For a comprehensive quote please contact us.

Fixing your oak floors

There are 3 main ways to fit your oak flooring:

  • Face fixing- this is probably one of the oldest methods of fixing flooring and is done by using traditional floor brad nails or cut nails. These are nailed through the face of the boards in to the joist below.
  • Secret nailing or screwing- involves using a nail gun or a power driver to drive the fixing through the tongue of each board in to the joist or plywood sub floor. The tongue will then be hidden by the groove of the next board; the fixings are also hidden producing a discreet fixing finish.
  • Gluing- when gluing down oak flooring, it is important to use an adhesive suitable to the job. The glue needs to be extremely strong yet flexible enough to allow for movement in the wood. It is extremely important that the sub floor is completely dry before the floor is laid. The adhesive is applied to the sub floor using a notched trowel and the flooring pushed down in to the adhesive and tapped up firmly against the previous board until they are fitting tight.

Finishing and maintenance

Finishing your oak floor is a matter of personal taste. Floors can be oiled in a range of different shades and colours.

Here at cottage oak we can give you advice and supply you with a range of different finishes. Hard wax oil is with the most popular finish and enhances the beauty of the floor. It is also incredibly hard wearing. You will need to oil the floor annually to keep it looking good.

Most oak floors are very easy to maintain with a simple sweep or a vacuum once in a while to keep it dust and grit free. Wipe with a damp mop to keep them looking like new.

For boards that have been finished using hard wax oil, there are a number of cleaning products available which have been specifically designed to maintain the look of your oak floor.

Based in Carmarthenshire we supply and fit a wide range of oak floors throughout South and West Wales.